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All personal information we collect from you voluntarily at the time of registration will be retained, used and protected in accordance with this data protection and privacy policy. Your information we collect to provide the best products and services to you. Your information will be used to:

Speed a��a��up your shopping process.
Importance of order confirmation.
Importance of order delivery.
Simplify payment transactions.
Collect transaction data between you and Bimura.com
Contacting you for the benefit of market research or site development, so that we may improve the service, and / or to customize the site to provide the services and products that are most interested in you.
To manage a contest, promotion, survey, market research, focus group or other and to provide you with relevant products or services (eg to send a gift to you if you have won in a contest hosted by Bimura.com).
Bimura.com administration interests.


We often hold promotions and special events organized by Third Parties or our partners. If this information will be shared with a Third Party, we will notify you at the time of data collection.


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